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Irreversible thermometers

Irreversible thermometers are adhesive sensors which are stuck to a product to monitor its temperature. It works like a thermograph or temperature recorder but with no electronic components.

There are different models of thermometers depending on the number of temperature points contained in the label. For each model of label there are different temperature ranges in order to cover the whole range. All temperatures are available in the model contained just one temperature point. Some products like TDI and Temperature Recorder have been designed for specific applications and therefore they contain the temperatures needed for such uses.

Types of Irreversible thermometers

  • Standard irreversible thermometers
  • Engine temperature sensor

    How the engine temperature sensor works

    The use of this car engine temperature indicator is very simple. You just need to stick the Temperature Recorder label on the element subject to temperature control. As the temperature increases, the control points change colour from white to black.

    Its temperature control points have been selected by experts and car users to choose the most appropriate critical temperature range.  These temperature points are initially white. Each of them is calibrated to turn its colour into the temperature expressed on the side.

    Advantages of using the engine temperature indicator

    The best advantages of this engine temperature sensor compared to other devices are:
    • Its resistance to water, steam and oil which are always present in an engine.
    • Exact temperature detection of the engine component to which it is stuck.
    • Its diameter of 25mm allows the use of this engine temperature indicator on small or curved surfaces.
    • It allows unassisted control of the car engine temperature as its colour change is permanent. No actions from operators are required once it is stuck to the component: having a look at the label to see whether it has changed colour or not is enough.
    • As it does not require batteries, this temperature sensor will never interfere with the electrical parts and with the wiring of the engine. 
    • The irreversible colour change of this engine thermometer allows the detection of possible warming in the engine component due to any misuse. Therefore it also assesses whether the repair is under warranty or not.

    Buy a thermometer for your car engine

    Avoid any dispute over warranty claims on engines by adding this adhesive label on your spare parts or repairs. This is an easy and convenient way to avoid extra work and additional costs for your spare parts for reasons beyond the warranty.  At affordable price, this thermometer will avoid problems and higher costs.

  • Temperature control in industrial dishwashers

    Operation of the temperature sensor for an industrial dishwasher

    The colour change is easy to perceive as the temperature box totally turns from white to black a few seconds after reaching certain temperature inside the industrial dishwasher.

    It is recommended to stick it to a metal utensil preferably to get the most suitable temperature and to peel it off while the surface is still hot as this indicator can be used for quality assessment inside a report.

    Sectors where the industrial dishwasher indicator is used

    Some application fields are:

    • Catering, especially of  Airlines
    • Hospital Centres
    • Hospitality industry: Restaurants and cafés
    • Schools

    Which is the purpose of an indicator for industrial dishwashers?

    By a simple colour change, a temperature sensor verifies that the washing cycle of an industrial dishwasher has reached the correct temperature for a complete sanitizing.  Current quality standards requirements with particular reference to the safety and hygiene of cooked and precooked food and subsequent packaging provide that the corresponding elements and utensils as well as their handling comply with the HACCP principles specifically designed for each case.

    Buy our temperature control device for industrial dishwashers online now and get it where you prefer as soon as possible.
  • Nofrost-thermometer

    Critical freezing temperature and its uses

    Any temperature drop causing the deterioration of a material is defined as  critical freezing temperature. This temperature is different on the basis of the field, for instance, chemical or pharmaceutical sectors. The range of Tempasure freezing thermometers is between -10ºC and +10ºC for the purpose of coping with several needs. A special production for -20ºC and +40ºC is even possible.

    Tempasure temperature decrease indicator can be applied in many fields  connected with the transport and storage of materials subject to deterioration if  their corresponding freezing temperature is reached.

    The nofrost thermometer as a guarantee

    Nofrost indicators are irreversible products. This means that if the temperature drops under the critical point, they change colour permanently. They also ensure that the product has not reached its freezing temperature and, as a consequence, its features can also keep unchanged. Despite the real temperature is included in the correct range, the indicator will immediately alert in case any sudden temperature drop by a colour change.

    This device is an easy and comfortable way to ensure the good conditions of materials like paints or vaccines.

  • Thermometers for cold temperatures

    WarmMark time and temperature label

    This adhesive indicator has three dots that change color in the event of being above the control temperature for longer than allowed. In this way they alert us if the product to be controlled has not been properly preserved. Being a permanent change, it acts as a temperature recorder.

    These control labels are especially useful for the cold chain control of vaccines, medicines and fresh and frozen foods. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

    Irreversible cold sensor

    This cold detector comes with an adhesive label which can be stuck to the product or pallet of goods under control.  In case of exceeding certain temperature, these cold detectors change their colour permanently and do not turn into their initial stage despite the decrease of the temperature to the necessary range. In this way, it is possible to check anytime if the products have overcome the critical temperature. These indicators include a range of cold products and frozen food with temperatures between -3ºC y +5ºC.

    These cold sensors are particularly recommended to monitor the compliance of the refrigeration chain during the transportation or storage of the products. Stuck to the product, they let us detect problems in the cooling system of the cold storage in some areas.

    Reversible thermometer for cold temperatures

    These labels for the detection of cold temperatures are manufactured with liquid crystal and change their colour depending on the temperature. They work like a conventional thermometer as they provide for information of the real temperature.  These thermometers to measure cold temperatures are reversible. This means that they will display the real temperature, both in case of increase and of decrease.  Some indicators like thermometers come with some points displaying the optimal temperature. Some labels change their colour if a certain range of temperature is reached. This is very useful to double-check if the real temperature is correct.

    Need to control the cooling

    These thermometers for cold temperatures are a cheap and easy to implement solution to monitor the cooling and the storage of some products at low temperatures.  They are especially used in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
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Irreversible thermometers Best seller

Production processes have always required monitoring to make sure that thermal processes or the preservation of certain temperature conditions have been complied correctly.  In recent times, the implementation of quality systems (ISO, UNE, ...) has implied a greater need of quality controls and exhaustive registers in industrial processes.

In this respect, irreversible thermometers have demonstrated to be a good solution as they are simple and low cost.

Operation of irreversible thermometers

Irreversible thermometers are based on a thermally sensitive melting wax. This technology is based on a series of temperature sensitive elements sealed between heat-resistant layers containing transparent windows which make colour changes visible.

Each irreversible temperature indicator changes colour when its calibration temperature exceeds. Its changes are irreversible and they show a temperature recording of the surface under control. Once peeled off, the labels do not deteriorate and they can be annexed to an inspection report acting as a proof of the temperature reached. 

Why using temperature irreversible strips instead of other kinds of sensors?

Manufacturers need to have a precise, easy to implement and low cost device just like irreversible temperature indicators. Moreover, they offer several advantages:

  • they do not require batteries
  • Immediate response
  • Permanent recording of the maximum temperature
  • Resistant to oil, steam and waterproof (and accuracy up to 3 atm)
  • Wide temperature ranges available: +29ºC to +290ºC
  • Clear colour change: white/orange to black
  • Temperature control in inaccessible areas to operators
  • Direct reading on the surface to control
  • Cheap and easy to use solution

For this reason, irreversible temperature labels have a more extensive use in all applications.

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