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Reversible thermometers

LCD thermometers (liquid crystal) are flexible and adhesive strips coming with changing colour points to record temperature.  They work like a conventional thermometer, but they are manufactured on a self-adhesive paper bracket ensuring flexibility and allowing them to be used on curved surfaces.

These reversible thermometers show the real temperature anytime because they are in close contact with the surface to measure. The colour of their points varies on the basis of the temperature. The temperature reached at a give time is always shown in green on black. 
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Types of Reversible thermometers

  • Standard reversible thermometers
  • Thermometers for room temperature and refrigerators

    Environmental thermometers: uses and advantages

    The liquid crystal (LCD) environmental thermometer is an easy and convenient solution to measure the room temperature in any environment. It has been designed for domestic and professional use, for example, in labs, offices or small shops... You just have to stick it anywhere so that the information on the level of the real temperature can be easily read.

    Advantages of our fridge and freezer thermometers

    The indicators for the temperature control inside refrigerators and freezers have more advantages than conventional thermometers. Flexible, adhesive and space-saving, thefridge thermometercan be placed anywhere in the fridge or freezer, provided that its location allows an easy reading.  
    Easy to use, these indicators are
    commonly used in supermarkets, cold stores, labs and pharmaceutical industries to control the level of the temperature inside refrigerators and freezers where medicines are kept.

    The disadvantage of conventional fridge and freezer thermometers is that they need electricity, toxic batteries and contain liquids with high risk of break. By contrast, our temperature stickers are unbreakable and do not include any substance that may affect food or other chilled products. 

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  • Thermometers for high temperatures

    How do high-temperature thermometers work?

    Printed with heat sensitive inks, these labels keep unalterable  under their temperature of change. Reached the thermal change point, they act depending on the label and as explained below:

    • Colour change:some labels such as the traffic light indicator and the Go/No-Go indicator change their colour to indicate an increase in the temperature.
    • Hidden message: other indicators like Tempsafe or Hand Hot include a graphic message which appears only when the temperature exceeds the critical control point.  In that case, an alert is displayed to inform about the risk of high temperature.

    Application areas

    This kind of thermometers are commonly used in installations like factories, warehouses or offices where there are areas, piping or surfaces subject to temperature change without notice. 

    The control of overheating is also necessary in certain devices when the temperature exceeds in case of malfunction or failure. This is particular critical in presence of electric engines like scooters, small electric vehicles and general machinery.  The extended use or any fault in the cooling of a component may compromise the integrity of the device.

    Owning a high-temperature thermometer implies economic advantage and is an on time warning to avoid irreversible damage.

  • Thermometers for aquarium and terrarium

    Operation and uses of thermometers for aquarium and terrarium

    These special thermometers display the temperature of the aquarium or terrarium by a colour change. Each control point of these indicators is marked by a number with the corresponding temperature. When such temperature is reached, a colour change occurs. This is the best means to measure the temperature of aquarium and terrarium in a simple and correct way.
    These indicators may be used in:

    • Aquaria
    • Fish tanks
    • Terraria
    • Aquaria for turtles

    Importance of temperature control of reptiles and fish

    Both fish and reptiles are cold-blooded animals. For this reason, their body temperature depends on the ambient temperature. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep the temperature of their habitat, terraria and aquaria included in certain temperature range to protect their immune system against bacterial infections.

    Usually present in any aquarium due to their spectacular colours, tropical fish need a temperature range included between 21ºC and 29ºC. Cold-water fish may need temperatures over 17°C or 18°C. Moreover, some reptiles like iguana need temperatures between 32°C and 35° while salamanders need between 8°C and 15°C.

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  • Calendar thermometers

Reversible thermometers Best seller

Benefits of use of reversible thermometers

Self-adhesive liquid crystal strip thermometers have been gaining ground as they have been used as conventional thermometers because lots of their features turn them into more practical temperature measurement methods. 

  • Easy to use
    • Remove the protective paper
    • Stick on the surface to control
  • Easy to understand
    • The real temperature is displayed in deep green colour on black
  • Reliable
    • Accuracy of +/-1ºC and in strips for medical use +/-0.5ºC
  • It does not use batteries and does not contain toxic components 
    • No installation or spare parts required (unalterable  for more than 2 years)
  • Flexible
    • They can be used to measure the temperature of curved surfaces
  • Standard and customized versions available
  • Their production can be customized (temperature limit: -3ºC / +90ºC)

Their temperature range is included between -3ºC and +100ºC and their accuracy is +/- 1ºC. Thanks to their versatility and accuracy, the use of reversible thermometers is very common even in the medical sector to monitor the patient's temperature during  surgical interventions

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Uses of reversible LCD products

This technology has many applications:  it can be used with promotional items to reveal a message or a reward at the reach of a certain temperature or to be part of a work safety device. This one is based on the presence of a striking colour informing on the reach of hostile temperature inside a channel or piping in view and on temperature control inside refrigerated display counters or transparent door refrigerators in department stores and supermarkets.  In this way, customers may see and buy silos of perishable products that are stored in an appropriate thermal environment. Some of them are listed below:

  • Advertisements
    • Calendars
    • Promotions with hidden messages
    • Colour change cards
  • Nutrition
    • Food storage
    • Transport of refrigerated food
  • Medical / pharmaceutical industry
    • Conservation of vaccines
    • Refrigerated transport of vaccines and medicines
    • Incubators
    • Laboratories
  • Job security
    • Alerts of high temperatures inside piping or surfaces