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Thermometers for room temperature, refrigerators and freezers

Here you will find the best selection of adhesive labels whose temperature points change their colour on the basis of the temperature detected at anytime. Easy to read and reversible, they display the real temperature in a simple way.  Being flexible, environmental, fridge and refrigerator thermometers can be stuck to any kind of surface (curved surfaces included). They are manufactured with liquid crystal (LCD), a special temperature-sensitive ink.

Products for the control of the temperature of refrigerators, freezers and the environment

Environmental thermometers: uses and advantages

The liquid crystal (LCD) environmental thermometer is an easy and convenient solution to measure the room temperature in any environment. It has been designed for domestic and professional use, for example, in labs, offices or small shops... You just have to stick it anywhere so that the information on the level of the real temperature can be easily read.

Advantages of our fridge and freezer thermometers

The indicators for the temperature control inside refrigerators and freezers have more advantages than conventional thermometers. Flexible, adhesive and space-saving, thefridge thermometercan be placed anywhere in the fridge or freezer, provided that its location allows an easy reading.  
Easy to use, these indicators are
commonly used in supermarkets, cold stores, labs and pharmaceutical industries to control the level of the temperature inside refrigerators and freezers where medicines are kept.

The disadvantage of conventional fridge and freezer thermometers is that they need electricity, toxic batteries and contain liquids with high risk of break. By contrast, our temperature stickers are unbreakable and do not include any substance that may affect food or other chilled products. 

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