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Tempasure nofrost sensor

Tempasure temperature indicator is a sensor recording any temperature drop under certain value by a colour change.

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This adhesive freezing sensor monitors if the temperature of a product reaches a critical value during its transportation and storage and if this temperature might cause the freezing or the deterioration of its properties.

Tempasure does not contain batteries and electrical components.  To use this device, you just have to stick it a product or package and activate by pulling one of its tabs.  Once enabled, it will change its colour permanently if the temperature goes under the set value. In this way, we can a posteriori check if the product has been exposed to a temperature range under the allowed level and if it may consequently have faults.

The minimum quantity of this device is 100 units. Please check prices and availabilities for big volumes.

The standard version of Tempasure is available in the following ranges and temperatures, despite a customized production between -20ºC and +40ºC is also possible.
  • D+10   10ºC
  • D+5     5ºC
  • D+2     2ºC
  • D0       0ºC
  • D-5      -5ºC
  • D-10    -10ºC

Minimum quantity: 100 units

Size: 54.3 x 17.5 mm; width 5.5 mm

Type: Horizontal

Tempasure temperature sensor is a plastic adhesive device containing a special material that, once activated, changes its colour from transparent to red when the temperature drops under the set value. To use this device, you just have to pull its security tab and stick it to the surface or product to monitor.  It is recommended to keep the device at a temperature 5ºC over the control temperature, at least 10 minutes before activating it.

Tempasure does not contain batteries and electronic components.

Accuracy: +/- 2ºC

This product has been manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.

This temperature device and its components comply with REACH Annex XVII regulation on the protection of the risks for human health and the environment.

Uses of Tempasure temperature indicator

Tempasure indicator for the control of temperature drops is commonly used to monitor the storage or the transportation of some products sensitive to low temperatures. Exposed to possible temperature drops under a certain value, the properties of these products may be damaged or permanently compromised.

Tempasure is commonly used to control the freezing of water-based paints. In case of freezing, the properties of this kind of paints may be affected and permanently compromised.  The product performance is affected even in case of subsequent recuperation of the preservation temperature.   By this freezing temperature indicator, it is possible to make sure that paints have not frozen during their storage or transportation.

This indicator is also used in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure the correct conservation of vaccines. In this case, both vaccines and other injectable drugs must keep an appropriate temperature range to avoid deterioration. This is the reason why keeping these medicines in good conditions before their supply to patients is essential. If this is not the case, the patient may receive medicines which do not have the desired effects or, in the worst of cases, can be dangerous for their heath. 

Tempasure is a suitable and easy to implement solution in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as it offers a wide range of applications.  It can be implemented for the control of photographic processing liquids, for the storage of specific chemicals and for the transportation of high-value food.

Widespread in many sectors, Tempasure temperature drop indicator is easy to apply and contains no batteries and no electronic components.