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Thermometers to measure cold temperatures

Thermometers for cold temperatures are used to control low temperatures by a colour change. They are temperature indicators ensuring that the temperature of a product does not exceed certain limits which may damage it. These cold sensors are particularly useful for the temperature control during the refrigerated transport or storage.  There are three kinds of thermometers to measure cold temperatures:
  • The time and temperature indicator , which alerts us when a temperature has been exceeded for longer than allowed. Ideal for perishable products, vaccines and medicines.
  • The reversible indicator works as a cold detector and as a temperature recorder. Being irreversible, it enables an unassisted control and alerts in case of surpassing the critical temperature.
  • The reversible cold indicator simply shows the real temperature and allows to visually monitor the correct operation of the cold storage.

Types of cold detector thermometers

  • Irreversible time and temperature indicator by color change. This adhesive label alerts you to inappropriate temperature exposure by progressively changing the color of the control points. Each point is calibrated for a specific period of time, thus allowing control of the exposure time at that temperature.

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WarmMark time and temperature label

This adhesive indicator has three dots that change color in the event of being above the control temperature for longer than allowed. In this way they alert us if the product to be controlled has not been properly preserved. Being a permanent change, it acts as a temperature recorder.

These control labels are especially useful for the cold chain control of vaccines, medicines and fresh and frozen foods. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

Irreversible cold sensor

This cold detector comes with an adhesive label which can be stuck to the product or pallet of goods under control.  In case of exceeding certain temperature, these cold detectors change their colour permanently and do not turn into their initial stage despite the decrease of the temperature to the necessary range. In this way, it is possible to check anytime if the products have overcome the critical temperature. These indicators include a range of cold products and frozen food with temperatures between -3ºC y +5ºC.

These cold sensors are particularly recommended to monitor the compliance of the refrigeration chain during the transportation or storage of the products. Stuck to the product, they let us detect problems in the cooling system of the cold storage in some areas.

Reversible thermometer for cold temperatures

These labels for the detection of cold temperatures are manufactured with liquid crystal and change their colour depending on the temperature. They work like a conventional thermometer as they provide for information of the real temperature.  These thermometers to measure cold temperatures are reversible. This means that they will display the real temperature, both in case of increase and of decrease.  Some indicators like thermometers come with some points displaying the optimal temperature. Some labels change their colour if a certain range of temperature is reached. This is very useful to double-check if the real temperature is correct.

Need to control the cooling

These thermometers for cold temperatures are a cheap and easy to implement solution to monitor the cooling and the storage of some products at low temperatures.  They are especially used in the medical, pharmaceutical and food industries.
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