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Temperature Recorder control of engine warranty (pack)

This irreversible temperature indicator has been designed to control overheating in engine parts. It contains 4 control points changing their colour permanently when the temperature stamped on them is reached. As this change is irreversible, this indicator is able to detect whether the said temperature has been reached anytime in the area where it has been placed.

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29,50 €

Flexible and adhesive, this temperature label can be stuck to any surface (curved surfaces included). It has been designed to resist in contact with grease and oil.

It requires no activation. You just have to stick it to the component to control. To understand whether this component has exceeded certain temperature, it will be enough to a posteriori check whether the label has changed its colour. 

It can be supplied in packs of different counts. Select the tab to display different packs and prices.

This indicator is available in just one range with four temperatures:

99º, 110º, 121º, 132ºC

Supply: Packs of different counts (more info on the foldable leaflet)

Size: 25 mm of diameter

Type: circular

Self-adhesive temperature label. It contains four points made with a material that changes colour permanently when the temperature indicated is reached. They are covered with polyester laminate protecting them against liquids, grease and oils.

They are displayed in ºC. Their label includes an alert message ('Do not peel off') to prevent it from being removed by customers.

Its accuracy is +/- 1%

These temperature indicators have been manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.

The components and products of these labels comply with REACH Annex XVII regulation with reference to the protection of the risks for human health and the environment.

Uses of Temperature Recorder

This adhesive temperature sensor has been designed as a detection system of engine overheating and to control the corresponding warranty.

Adhesive and small-sized, it can be placed anywhere in the engine for control purposes.  Subsequently, in the event of a claim, it can certify whether the engine has overheated or not due to misuse. Actually, if the critical temperature has been reached, the indicator will change its colour permanently. In this way, it is possible to avoid engine warranty claims when the failure is caused by an improper use and not by a defect in the product.

This label is particularly suitable for breaker's yards and car repair shops.

Temperature Recorder indicator has also other applications in the field of engine and in general, in the industrial sector. 

In the automobile sector and more specifically during sports competitions, it allows to carry out overheating tests on all components of a vehicle. Moreover, it is also extremely useful when testing new engines and prototypes for the purpose of detecting overheated areas during their operation. This is the case of engine-related industries ranging from the production of motor boats to other applications in the aviation sector.

However, Temperature Recorder indicator is not only used with vehicle engines.  It is also used to control the warranty coverage of all kinds of facilities and machinery, ranging from heating systems to industrial equipment.