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The pharmacy refrigerator for optimal temperature control

Temperature control and recording in a pharmacy refrigerator are essential tasks. Additionally, they must be performed continuously to achieve the right conditions and ensure the good storage and preservation of the raw materialsthe medicines.

These measurements involve both monitoring the ambient temperature of the pharmacy and the temperature in the refrigerator.
This is why having the right and most accurate instruments can make all the difference. If you want peace of mind when it comes to pharmacy temperature and humidity control, get your hands on the best and most suitable thermometer for pharmacies – a combination of efficiency and effectiveness.

Main pharmacy thermometers

  • LCD reversible adhesive temperature indicator. This label changes colour on the basis of the temperature.

    42,95 €
  • Adhesive reversible thermometer for refrigerators. This indicator comes with 12 temperature points indicating the temperature of the refrigerator or cold storage by a colour change.

    29,88 €
  • Irreversible time and temperature indicator by color change. This adhesive label alerts you to inappropriate temperature exposure by progressively changing the color of the control points. Each point is calibrated for a specific period of time, thus allowing control of the exposure time at that temperature.

    227,50 €

Refrigerated medicines in pharmacies

Refrigerated medicines in pharmacies require accurate instruments – thermometers. We can find different types, as we will explain below.

On the one hand, we have maximum-minimum thermometers. They have two columns, with a scale on each one, graduated with the temperatures. You can see the current temperature, but also the minimum and maximum temperature over time. Its mechanism is simple. You will see temperature variations marked in a different colour thanks to its indexes.

On the other hand, we have the so-called temperature recorders, which take measurements over time at specific intervals. These give you the chance to obtain charts and tables, which let you know the temperature’s progress over time.

Temperature indicators

Adhesive thermometers are an easy and affordable solution. These labels facilitate temperature control by placing them inside the pharmacy refrigerator, and in any areas of the establishment, to measure its ambient temperature.

Thermometers can be of different types:
  • Time and temperature : these are adhesive labels that change color permanently when the temperature is exceeded for a certain time. They are ideal for the control of vaccines and thermolabile medicines.
  • Irreversible: they mark the temperature, which is recorded with a permanent change of colour. They are adhesive and easy to handle. Ideal for unassisted control of the refrigerator’s proper operation
  • Reversible: they are usually made of flexible glass LCD and are adhesive. They instantly display the temperature. They are perfect when it comes to displaying the establishment’s ambient temperature.

Storage of medicines in pharmacies

However, is it enough to just buy these thermometers and measure the temperature of the refrigerator? The storage of medicines in pharmacies is a little more complex. You have to maintain a specific environment inside your premises. You have to take into account that, usually, all medicines require temperatures below 30 °C, except for special medicines, which need lower temperatures.

For magistral formulas and other preparations, the temperature should be of approximately 25 °C
, with some exceptions.To control the ambient temperature of the pharmacy, you must have either a maximum-minimum thermometer or a recorder, as we have already mentioned. You should also perform checks once a day to detect any deviations.

As you know, there are thermolabile medicines that should be kept in the refrigerator. Their temperature ranges from ±5 °C
to ±3 °C. For this reason, you should check the refrigerator’s temperature once a day. In this section, we can see why it makes sense to use irreversible temperature indicators to check if the critical temperature was exceeded at any point.

With this information, we hope that we have helped you with the important task of controlling the temperature of your pharmacy’s refrigerator.