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4-level micro irreversible thermometer (pack 10 units)

Micro-size 4-point temperature adhesive label. Supplied in packets with 10 units.

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This is an irreversible-type thermometer, it is to say, the points contained change colour permanently when reaching the temperature marked in them. This means that they show if, at any time, the temperatures to be control have been reached or not.

This micro temperature indicator is ideal for temperature controls in small components or in limited spaces due to its small dimensions. As it is an adhesive label, it can be stuck wherever, curved surfaces included.

Micro 4-level temperature indicators are available in the following ranges:

  • Micro Range 1: 40ºC - 46ºC  (Temperature points ºC: 40 42 44 46ºC)
  • Micro Range 2: 49ºC - 65ºC (Temperature points ºC: 49 54 60 65ºC)
  • Micro Range 3: 71ºC - 88ºC (Temperature points ºC: 71 77 82 88ºC)
  • Micro Range 4: 93ºC - 110ºC (Temperature points ºC: 93 99 104 110ºC)
  • Micro Range 5: 116ºC - 132ºC (Temperature points ºC: 116 121 127 132ºC)
  • Micro Range 6: 138ºC - 154ºC (Temperature points ºC: 138 143 149 154ºC)
  • Micro Range 7: 160ºC - 177ºC (Temperature points ºC: 160 166 171 177ºC)
  • Micro Range 8: 182ºC - 199ºC (Temperature points ºC: 182 188 193 199ºC)
  • Micro Range 9: 204ºC - 224ºC (Temperature points ºC: 204 210 216 224ºC)

Supply: Packets with 10 units

Dimensions: 4 x 11 mm

Type: Horizontal

Temperature indicators made of heat-sensitive material that makes an irreversible-type change of colour when reaching a certain temperature. These are self-adhesive labels that are coated with transparent polyester, which makes them withstand contact with liquids such as water, grease and oil without affecting their proper functioning. They are made of flexible materials and therefore, they can be stuck on curved surfaces.  

Accuracy of these indicators is <+/-1ºC> for the temperature range up to 100ºC and <+/-1%> for the temperature range above 100ºC.

Product made according to ISO 9001 standard.

The manufacturer certifies that these temperature indicators meet REACH Annex XVII with regard to chemical substances.

Uses of the 4-level irreversible micro thermometer

Like other irreversible-type temperature labels, this indicator has a general-purpose use and can be applied to all type of industries. It is used for non-assisted temperature controls in which we need to make sure if, at any point, certain thermal values have been reached or not. 

This small-size temperature indicator is particularly suitable for applications in which a very small indicator is needed because of the small dimensions of the product or because there is little space to stick the label.

Applications on very small electronic components, which are subject to overheating, and on integrated circuits, where there is no place for sticking a label, are some of this indicator applications. Some examples of use are shown below:

  • Industry
    • Overheating control of electronic components 
    • Guarantees of base plates
    • Thermal treatment for small-size mechanical parts
  • Food
    • Sterilisation of plastic containers
    • Glass sterilisation
    • Temperature control in areas with limited space in manufacturing processes of products
  • Medical and pharmaceutical industry
    • Sterilisation of precision surgical equipment
    • Disinfection of equipment of laboratories with limited space
    • Temperature control of processes in laboratories with limited space