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Adhesive thermometers

Temperature indicator labels are adhesive stickers with boxes changing their colour when the temperature indicated on the side of each box is achieved.   You just have to attach them to the surface to control and these stickers will record the temperature reached. There are three types of these adhesive thermometers:
  • Irreversible thermometers: The colour change will not be reversed. The temperature sticker works as maximum or minimum temperature recorder and informs if certain temperature has been reached or not
  • Reversible thermometers: These paper thermometers work conventionally, as they indicate the temperature of the product or surface at that time and turn back to their original colour when the previous temperature is reached again.
  • Time and temperature indicators : They are also irreversible, but the color change of these thermometers, occurs when exposure to the control temperature exceeds a specified amount of time. They are perfect for the control of perishable food products or for cold chain vaccines.

Types of Adhesive thermometers

  • Irreversible thermometers

    Production processes have always required monitoring to make sure that thermal processes or the preservation of certain temperature conditions have been complied correctly.  In recent times, the implementation of quality systems (ISO, UNE, ...) has implied a greater need of quality controls and exhaustive registers in industrial processes.

    In this respect, irreversible thermometers have demonstrated to be a good solution as they are simple and low cost.

    Operation of irreversible thermometers

    Irreversible thermometers are based on a thermally sensitive melting wax. This technology is based on a series of temperature sensitive elements sealed between heat-resistant layers containing transparent windows which make colour changes visible.

    Each irreversible temperature indicator changes colour when its calibration temperature exceeds. Its changes are irreversible and they show a temperature recording of the surface under control. Once peeled off, the labels do not deteriorate and they can be annexed to an inspection report acting as a proof of the temperature reached. 

    Why using temperature irreversible strips instead of other kinds of sensors?

    Manufacturers need to have a precise, easy to implement and low cost device just like irreversible temperature indicators. Moreover, they offer several advantages:

    • they do not require batteries
    • Immediate response
    • Permanent recording of the maximum temperature
    • Resistant to oil, steam and waterproof (and accuracy up to 3 atm)
    • Wide temperature ranges available: +29ºC to +290ºC
    • Clear colour change: white/orange to black
    • Temperature control in inaccessible areas to operators
    • Direct reading on the surface to control
    • Cheap and easy to use solution

    For this reason, irreversible temperature labels have a more extensive use in all applications.

    Your site to find irreversible thermometers

    Find the model of the label that best fits your requirements in our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you require technical advice or if you are looking for a customized label for your application.  Send us an enquiry through the form of our website, call or send us an e-mail in the way which is more convenient to you.  Our technicians will be glad to assist you.

  • Reversible thermometers

    Benefits of use of reversible thermometers

    Self-adhesive liquid crystal strip thermometers have been gaining ground as they have been used as conventional thermometers because lots of their features turn them into more practical temperature measurement methods. 

    • Easy to use
      • Remove the protective paper
      • Stick on the surface to control
    • Easy to understand
      • The real temperature is displayed in deep green colour on black
    • Reliable
      • Accuracy of +/-1ºC and in strips for medical use +/-0.5ºC
    • It does not use batteries and does not contain toxic components 
      • No installation or spare parts required (unalterable  for more than 2 years)
    • Flexible
      • They can be used to measure the temperature of curved surfaces
    • Standard and customized versions available
    • Their production can be customized (temperature limit: -3ºC / +90ºC)

    Their temperature range is included between -3ºC and +100ºC and their accuracy is +/- 1ºC. Thanks to their versatility and accuracy, the use of reversible thermometers is very common even in the medical sector to monitor the patient's temperature during  surgical interventions

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    Versatile, easy to understand and cheap, LCD thermometers are the ideal solution for temperature control requirements. Our website comes with different models suitable for many sectors and at the best available price.  Buy your reversible thermometer now and get it as soon as possible.  

    Uses of reversible LCD products

    This technology has many applications:  it can be used with promotional items to reveal a message or a reward at the reach of a certain temperature or to be part of a work safety device. This one is based on the presence of a striking colour informing on the reach of hostile temperature inside a channel or piping in view and on temperature control inside refrigerated display counters or transparent door refrigerators in department stores and supermarkets.  In this way, customers may see and buy silos of perishable products that are stored in an appropriate thermal environment. Some of them are listed below:

    • Advertisements
      • Calendars
      • Promotions with hidden messages
      • Colour change cards
    • Nutrition
      • Food storage
      • Transport of refrigerated food
    • Medical / pharmaceutical industry
      • Conservation of vaccines
      • Refrigerated transport of vaccines and medicines
      • Incubators
      • Laboratories
    • Job security
      • Alerts of high temperatures inside piping or surfaces
  • Indicadores de tiempo y temperatura
    The indicator technology for time and temperature control is aimed at products that deteriorate when subjected to critical temperatures for a certain period of time. This is the case with vaccines, medicines, and most food products. The record of the time and temperature in which they have been kept is the guarantee that they are in perfect condition for use. These labels allow temperature control in shipments and storage, in an economical and simple way. Its low cost allows the control of the preservation conditions of vaccines and food to be carried out directly on the boxes. This allows a very high level of control and greater security in compliance with the cold chain.

    Operation of time and temperature control labels

    These indicators contain three control points, which when subjected to a temperature higher than that marked on the label, change color progressively. The points are calibrated for specific periods of time, for example 2 hours, 12 hours and 48 hours. Thus, depending on the time that has elapsed, during which the product is subjected to an inappropriate temperature, each of the points will successively change its color from white to red, first the first point, then the second and finally the third.

    This change in color of each point is cumulative, that is, it adds the periods of overheating of the product, even if these occur intermittently. In other words, if the temperature is returned to the right conditions, the color change stops and only resumes if we expose the indicator to a temperature higher than the established temperature.

    The change is permanent and irreversible, so that it is possible to know a posteriori whether the appropriate temperature conditions have been maintained, and if not, what the overexposure period has been.
    Some of the indicators contain a single point of control, instead of three. In this case, the operation of the label is the same, except with a single point, which will be activated when the temperature is exceeded during the established period of time.

    Advantages of time and temperature indicators

    • Easy to use and interpret by non-technical personnel
    • Low cost
    • They do not use batteries or have products that harm the environment
    • They monitor the temperature and also the exposure time
    • They can individually control the product if necessary
    • As they are irreversible, they ensure that the temperature conditions in transport and handling have been met.

    Buy time and temperature labels

    The recording of time and temperature, using adhesive labels, is a practical and efficient means that complements dataloggers and temperature recorders. These indicators, due to their low cost and ease of adhering them to the product or smaller containers, allow monitoring the actual temperature that the product receives. In the event of a malfunction of the cold room or negligence in the transport of the merchandise, it provides us with information on which containers or products have been affected and which have not. Buying temperature indicators is saving costs and increasing safety.

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  • Irreversible thermometer with de 10 temperature points.. Supplied in packets with 10 units.

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  • This irreversible temperature indicator has been designed to control overheating in engine parts. It contains 4 control points changing their colour permanently when the temperature stamped on them is reached. As this change is irreversible, this indicator is able to detect whether the said temperature has been reached anytime in the area where it has...

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  • This adhesive temperature indicator changes colour on the basis of the temperature. This is a LCD reversible indicator (Liquid Crystal Display) as it always displays the real temperature of the device or surface on which it is stuck.

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  • Irreversible time and temperature indicator by color change. This adhesive label alerts you to inappropriate temperature exposure by progressively changing the color of the control points. Each point is calibrated for a specific period of time, thus allowing control of the exposure time at that temperature.

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  • Micro-size 4-point temperature adhesive label. Supplied in packets with 10 units.

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Adhesive thermometers are very easy to use. The thermometer has to be stuck by the adhesive to the surface or the product to control.  In contact with the surface or the product, the temperature displayed by the temperature sticker exactly corresponds to that of the item being examined.  This temperature may be different from the one indicated by the oven thermostat, the chamber or the area where we are controlling the temperature.

Temperature recordings by temperature stickers

On the basis of the temperature control chosen, we can select the most suitable type of temperature indicator.

Unassisted control

If unassisted control is chosen, we will use irreversible temperature stickers as they will allow to post-control if the desired temperature change has been reached. This is particularly useful to control the quality production (sterilization, cooking, heat treatment of metals, ...) or to ensure that no overheating has occurred (boilers, motors, transportation of chilled goods...).

Continuous control

In the need of a label indicating the temperature of a product or surface anytime, reversible paper thermometers must be used. These indicators always show the temperature recorded instantly. Being reversible, they change as heat contained in the controlled product or surface increases or decreases.

Time and temperature recording

In the event that the need is to record the time that a product has been exposed to a critical temperature, the solution is the time and temperature indicators. With these irreversible temperature stickers, we control whether the exposure to a temperature has exceeded a certain period of time. In this way we can verify if the storage conditions of a product, such as vaccines, medicines or food, have been adequate.

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