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Thermometers for aquarium and terrarium

Thermometers for aquarium and terrarium are used to measure the temperature of fish and reptile habitat. They are flexible adhesive labels which can be stuck to any kind of surface (curved surfaces included) and are completely in view to measure the temperature of reptiles or fish in a simple and cheap way. Stuck to the surface of an aquarium or terrarium and in view, they detect the temperature of these animals in a reliable way, without disturbing them.

Our models of sticker thermometers for aquarium

  • Adhesive thermometer with 12 temperature points. This indicator shows the real temperature by changing the colour of the temperature points placed on the label.

    23,36 €
  • Horizontal reversible temperature indicator with 13 temperature points.  Flexible and adhesive, this label can be stuck to any surface, non-flat surfaces included. This product is available in packs of 10 units.

    22,81 €
  • Adhesive label with 16 temperature points. This indicator changes colour as it shows the box with the temperature detected at anytime with green colour. Being reversible, it will change on the basis of any increase or decrease in the temperature recorded.

    23,95 €

Operation and uses of thermometers for aquarium and terrarium

These special thermometers display the temperature of the aquarium or terrarium by a colour change. Each control point of these indicators is marked by a number with the corresponding temperature. When such temperature is reached, a colour change occurs. This is the best means to measure the temperature of aquarium and terrarium in a simple and correct way.
These indicators may be used in:

  • Aquaria
  • Fish tanks
  • Terraria
  • Aquaria for turtles

Importance of temperature control of reptiles and fish

Both fish and reptiles are cold-blooded animals. For this reason, their body temperature depends on the ambient temperature. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep the temperature of their habitat, terraria and aquaria included in certain temperature range to protect their immune system against bacterial infections.

Usually present in any aquarium due to their spectacular colours, tropical fish need a temperature range included between 21ºC and 29ºC. Cold-water fish may need temperatures over 17°C or 18°C. Moreover, some reptiles like iguana need temperatures between 32°C and 35° while salamanders need between 8°C and 15°C.

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Thermometers for aquarium and terrarium are a great help for the health of your pet! Our website includes all kinds of thermometers you can buy online and receive as quickly as possible!