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Engine temperature sensor to control overheating

Owning an engine temperature sensor is necessary to detect whether the engine lock has overheated. Its use is very common in breaker's yards and repair shops. Actually, thanks to this sensor, all repair requests received may be verified to assess whether they are still under warranty cover or not.

Being a label of only 25 mm of diameter, it can be put anywhere on the engine lock, despite its surface is curved. Its permanent and easily visible colour change (from white to black) will indicate whether the engine has reached or not a critical temperature.

This engine temperature indicator comes with 4 control points as it includes several possible critical temperatures in an engine.

Thermometer to measure the temperature of the car engine

  • This irreversible temperature indicator has been designed to control overheating in engine parts. It contains 4 control points changing their colour permanently when the temperature stamped on them is reached. As this change is irreversible, this indicator is able to detect whether the said temperature has been reached anytime in the area where it has...

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How the engine temperature sensor works

The use of this car engine temperature indicator is very simple. You just need to stick the Temperature Recorder label on the element subject to temperature control. As the temperature increases, the control points change colour from white to black.

Its temperature control points have been selected by experts and car users to choose the most appropriate critical temperature range.  These temperature points are initially white. Each of them is calibrated to turn its colour into the temperature expressed on the side.

Advantages of using the engine temperature indicator

The best advantages of this engine temperature sensor compared to other devices are:
  • Its resistance to water, steam and oil which are always present in an engine.
  • Exact temperature detection of the engine component to which it is stuck.
  • Its diameter of 25mm allows the use of this engine temperature indicator on small or curved surfaces.
  • It allows unassisted control of the car engine temperature as its colour change is permanent. No actions from operators are required once it is stuck to the component: having a look at the label to see whether it has changed colour or not is enough.
  • As it does not require batteries, this temperature sensor will never interfere with the electrical parts and with the wiring of the engine. 
  • The irreversible colour change of this engine thermometer allows the detection of possible warming in the engine component due to any misuse. Therefore it also assesses whether the repair is under warranty or not.

Buy a thermometer for your car engine

Avoid any dispute over warranty claims on engines by adding this adhesive label on your spare parts or repairs. This is an easy and convenient way to avoid extra work and additional costs for your spare parts for reasons beyond the warranty.  At affordable price, this thermometer will avoid problems and higher costs.