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Temperature control in industrial dishwashers

Our temperature indicator for industrial dishwashers is based on a self-adhesive paper label which can be stuck to any utensil inside the tray. Its permanent colour change helps to detect the real temperature inside the dishwasher during any washing cycle.

If required, this indicator can be easily peeled off from the inside of an industrial dishwasher after each washing cycle and subsequently attached to an HACCP report thanks to its external laminate and special adhesive.  It includes the most accepted critical temperature of 71°C in the middle, an inferior temperature underneath and another temperature value on top for the purpose of covering the maximum necessary thermal control.

Temperatura labels for industrial dishwashers

Operation of the temperature sensor for an industrial dishwasher

The colour change is easy to perceive as the temperature box totally turns from white to black a few seconds after reaching certain temperature inside the industrial dishwasher.

It is recommended to stick it to a metal utensil preferably to get the most suitable temperature and to peel it off while the surface is still hot as this indicator can be used for quality assessment inside a report.

Sectors where the industrial dishwasher indicator is used

Some application fields are:

  • Catering, especially of  Airlines
  • Hospital Centres
  • Hospitality industry: Restaurants and cafés
  • Schools

Which is the purpose of an indicator for industrial dishwashers?

By a simple colour change, a temperature sensor verifies that the washing cycle of an industrial dishwasher has reached the correct temperature for a complete sanitizing.  Current quality standards requirements with particular reference to the safety and hygiene of cooked and precooked food and subsequent packaging provide that the corresponding elements and utensils as well as their handling comply with the HACCP principles specifically designed for each case.

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