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In temperature sensors, you can find a wide range of temperature indicators which change colours because of their sensivity to heat. No technical knowledge is required to use them as they represent a simple and cheap way to monitor temperature for all applications. They are commonly used for quality and manufacture control processes as well as for the control of the refrigeration chain during transportation and storage.  As temperature meters, they are an effective solution and an easy alternative to conventional means. 

  • Adhesive thermometers for calendars are reversible temperature labels. They are manufactured with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology. This technology is based on a special material changing its colour by the temperature.

    45,00 €
  • Chillchecker is an adhesive temperature sensor to control the refrigeration chain. When the temperature of the indicator is overcome, a permanent colour change occurs.

    186,82 €
  • The TDI adhesive temperature label   is an indicator coming with three irreversible temperature points. It has been specifically manufactured to control the sanitizing of industrial dishwashers.

    248,25 €
  • This product is supplied in packets with 10 thermometers. Irreversible-type temperature indicator with 8 temperature points. This is an adhesive thermometer than can be stuck on any surface or product. The points are marked with temperature in ºC and ºF. 

    13,73 €
  • This irreversible temperature indicator has been designed to control overheating in engine parts. It contains 4 control points changing their colour permanently when the temperature stamped on them is reached. As this change is irreversible, this indicator is able to detect whether the said temperature has been reached anytime in the area where it has...

    26,00 €

Which kind of temperature indicators do you find in our online shop?

The colour change technology by temperature includes different products such as adhesive temperature indicators, flexible thermometer, labels displaying certain temperature, heat sensitive inks changing colour in contact with cold or hot, pencils working as temperature detectors and thermocromic paints for temperature control.

In any case, there are two kinds of technology for temperature measurement:

  • Irreversible: working as maximum or minimum temperature sensor or recorder and informing if certain temperature has been reached or not.
  • Reversible: working as a conventional thermometer, it measures the temperature of the product or surface at that time.

There is a special product range for low temperatures working as thermograph or temperature controller to monitor the fulfilment of the refrigeration chain. These devices include indicators detecting the level of heating and the subsequent non-compliance of best preservation conditions as well as sensors recording temperature decrease which might cause product refrigeration.