The adhesive temperature indicators are sensors which monitor the product's temperature simply pasting it to product. Its operation is similar to a thermograph or temperature recorder, but without electronics components.

There are sensors that monitor the temperature of a product.

Its operation is simple: is about stickers with white or orange spots marked in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit, which change color to achieve the indicated temperature. The change occurs irreversibly, so it can display the temperature that the product registered during a process. In this sense, at like a thermograph, are guarantees of whether the product has reached or not a certain temperature.

Being single-use tags, permits once the control process is finished, detach tags and attach them on quality or production reports

Irreversible thermometer temperature

The temperature control, through this adhesive sensors, cover a thermal range in degrees Celsius from 29 ° C to 290 ° C (84 ° F / 554 ° F degrees Fahrenheit). Likewise through other products based on the same technology we can range from -17 ° C to 1270 ° C (+1 ° F to +2318 ° F).

The composition of these temperature sensors is based on a heat sensitive material that is printed on adhesive paper and is encapsulated (sheet) with clear polyester for its protection. These indicators are flexible, allowing its use on curves surfaces, in addition to resistant to oil, water and vapour, so may be used in any environment.

Thermal label

Thermal labels can take between one and ten temperature points. They are fabricated in different sizes, even some discounted, to control overheating in components of electronic boards. Within the same type of thermal label, there are several ranks depending on the temperatures which have.

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The accuracy of these thermal sensors can be from <+ / -1 ° C> to <+ / -1% +1 ° C> depending on the tag's range.