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LCD fridge thermometer with 12 levels (pack 10 units)

Adhesive reversible thermometer for refrigerators. This indicator comes with 12 temperature points indicating the temperature of the refrigerator or cold storage by a colour change.

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The range of this thermometer goes from 1º to 12ºC with temperature jumps of 1°C. The points light up and change colour when the temperature indicated is reached. To make reading easier, the different colours indicate if we are or not in the indicated range:

  • 1ºC: Blue – Temperature too low
  • 2º - 5ºC: Green – Correct temperature
  • 6º- 8ºC: Orange – Temperature exceeding the recommended level
  • 9º - 12ºC Red – Alert temperature too high

This temperature indicator can be stuck anywhere in the refrigerator. Flexible, it sticks to curved surfaces or you can simply place it on a tray.

The temperature points come with a special covering which delays the effect of the colour change. In this way, when you open the refrigerator, the indicator displays the previous temperature correctly.

The LCD fridge thermometer comes with just one temperature range:

Temperature points in ºC: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12ºC

Supply: bags of 10 units

Size: 10 x 90 mm

Type: Horizontal

The reversible thermometer has been manufactured by the next generation Easy Read LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology.  This technology is based on the microencapsulation of crystals (non-toxic mixture of liquid crystalline esters), that change colour when the temperature indicated is reached.

This microencapsulated material is printed on an adhesive label acting as a base and laminated by a transparent polyester protection. The temperature points come with a special and thicker lamination which delays the effect of the temperature and prevents hot air from detecting an incorrect temperature when opening the fridge.

These thermometers do not contain toxic materials, batteries, electronic components and can stay 3 hours in water at room temperature.

Their prolonged exposure to UV radiation is not recommended and their accuracy is of +/- 1°C.

This fridge thermometer has been manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.

The components and chemicals of this temperature indicator are not dangerous to public health and to the environment in accordance with RoHS EC Directive 3 (EU2015/863), WEE and Reach.

In addition, the chemicals contained in this thermometer are not included in the lists of California Proposition 65 and SVHC:

Uses of the LCD fridge thermometer

This temperature indicator is commonly used for temperature control in refrigerators and cold storages. It is also commonly used in many sectors where the storage of chilled products and the control of the suitable temperature levels are necessary.

The main fields of application of this thermometer are the following ones:

Temperature control in fresh food products

Cold stores in the food industry require a strict temperature control to avoid food spoilage. 

Any industrial cold storage or refrigerator comes with its own temperature sensors. Nevertheless, due to the deterioration or their location, we can read the temperature at the desired levels or there could be some areas inside the cold storage where the cooling is not appropriate.

The position of adhesive label thermometers in different areas of the cold storage helps the worker to easily detect small faults in the cooling process which, however, might have fatal consequences.

Temperature control of medicines in pharmacies and hospitals

Many medicines included injectable drugs and vaccines in particular, require to be stored under refrigeration not to deteriorate. For this reason, pharmacies and hospitals must be equipped with refrigerators to store them.

The use of adhesive reversible thermometers for this kind of refrigerators helps to quickly detect any fault which might alter the appropriate levels of temperature.  Any error in the refrigerator sensor or the presence of any box covering the cooling line may cause overheating resulting in serious consequences.  Any alteration in the storage temperature of vaccines and injectable drugs not only affects their effectiveness, but may also have negative effects on patients.