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Tempsafe safety temperature indicator (pack 10 units)

Tempsafe is an adhesive label changing colour by any temperature increase and displaying a message to alert on hot surfaces and avoid burns.

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This temperature indicator turns black when the temperature is under 70°C. Above this temperature it turns yellow and displays the message 'Forbidden to touch. Danger of 70°C temperature'. 

It contains no batteries, no electronic circuits and no toxic materials. The material of this label becomes transparent when reaching certain temperature and displays a hidden message.

Flexible and adhesive, this temperature label can be stuck to any piping or surface (curved surfaces included). Being easy to understand and readable with the naked eye, it is perfect for the prevention of occupational risks.

It can be supplied in bags of 10 units. 
This temperature indicator is available in just one temperature range at 70°C.

Supply: Bags of 10 units

Size: 60 x 160 mm

Typo: Rectangular

Tempsafe is a self-adhesive temperature label. It is printed with a thermochromic ink becoming transparent when certain temperature is reached. This ink is called Thermostar and is printed on the label. It covers a hidden message which can be read only when this label becomes transparent and precisely when the temperature is over 70°C. 

Used with this temperature indicator, thermostar ink keeps its colour unchanged between 3° and 4°C under 70°C. Within this range it gradually becomes transparent and above 70°C it completely disappears.

Accuracy: +/- 5ºC

Tempsafe temperature label has been manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.

This temperature indicator and its components comply with RoHS 3 (EU2015/863), WEE and REACH regulations and are not harmful to the public health and the environment.

The chemicals contained in this label are not dangerous and are not included in the lists of California Proposition 65 and SVHC.

Uses of  Tempsafe temperature indicator

The temperature label Tempsafe is commonly used for the prevention of occupational risks. Its function consists in alerting on the hot temperature of panels, piping, radiators or any surface to avoid burns.

The legislation on safety in the workplace requires the protection of all workers and visitors against any accident. For this reason, companies had to implement a series of measures to enable and adapt their facilities according to the current regulations.

Operators working in production environment regularly access areas with furnaces or piping whose temperature is not always detectable at the naked eye. This is why safety temperature indicators like Tempsafe avoid the risk of burning thanks to a simple colour change.

Other situations of serious risk may even occur in offices and in particular due to heating systems or kettles.  These situations of risk may also cause burns on workers or on external visitors accessing the facility for some reasons.

As we can see, the use of Tempsafe is recommended in all sectors. The problem of safety at work exists in any sector or industry where people are in contact with high temperature objects.