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The time and temperature indicators are adhesive labels that, by means of a color change, inform us of the time that a product has remained above a critical temperature.
The points that the indicator contains gradually change color when exposed to a higher temperature than indicated. In this way, based on which points have changed color, we can know the time the product has been exposed to an inappropriate temperature.

These labels are a simple and economical solution, acting as a sneak peek during transport and storage. They are especially indicated for the control of the cold chain in food, medicines and vaccines.

Products for time and temperature control

  • Irreversible time and temperature indicator by color change. This adhesive label alerts you to inappropriate temperature exposure by progressively changing the color of the control points. Each point is calibrated for a specific period of time, thus allowing control of the exposure time at that temperature.

    227,50 €
The indicator technology for time and temperature control is aimed at products that deteriorate when subjected to critical temperatures for a certain period of time. This is the case with vaccines, medicines, and most food products. The record of the time and temperature in which they have been kept is the guarantee that they are in perfect condition for use. These labels allow temperature control in shipments and storage, in an economical and simple way. Its low cost allows the control of the preservation conditions of vaccines and food to be carried out directly on the boxes. This allows a very high level of control and greater security in compliance with the cold chain.

Operation of time and temperature control labels

These indicators contain three control points, which when subjected to a temperature higher than that marked on the label, change color progressively. The points are calibrated for specific periods of time, for example 2 hours, 12 hours and 48 hours. Thus, depending on the time that has elapsed, during which the product is subjected to an inappropriate temperature, each of the points will successively change its color from white to red, first the first point, then the second and finally the third.

This change in color of each point is cumulative, that is, it adds the periods of overheating of the product, even if these occur intermittently. In other words, if the temperature is returned to the right conditions, the color change stops and only resumes if we expose the indicator to a temperature higher than the established temperature.

The change is permanent and irreversible, so that it is possible to know a posteriori whether the appropriate temperature conditions have been maintained, and if not, what the overexposure period has been.
Some of the indicators contain a single point of control, instead of three. In this case, the operation of the label is the same, except with a single point, which will be activated when the temperature is exceeded during the established period of time.

Advantages of time and temperature indicators

  • Easy to use and interpret by non-technical personnel
  • Low cost
  • They do not use batteries or have products that harm the environment
  • They monitor the temperature and also the exposure time
  • They can individually control the product if necessary
  • As they are irreversible, they ensure that the temperature conditions in transport and handling have been met.

Buy time and temperature labels

The recording of time and temperature, using adhesive labels, is a practical and efficient means that complements dataloggers and temperature recorders. These indicators, due to their low cost and ease of adhering them to the product or smaller containers, allow monitoring the actual temperature that the product receives. In the event of a malfunction of the cold room or negligence in the transport of the merchandise, it provides us with information on which containers or products have been affected and which have not. Buying temperature indicators is saving costs and increasing safety.