The  thermosensitive labels and other products thermochromic, which reveal the temperature by changing color offer advantages over traditional methods of temperature control in industrial processes. These are the most common uses:

·      QUALITY CONTROL in process heat  during production lines (aluminum cans, glass handled, textiles, motors, ...): basically THERMAX 8 & 10 LEVELS, different ranges.

·      ​​COLD CHAIN CONTROL during transport of a refrigerated product of an unattended mode: CHILLCHECKER

·      CHECK that has been carried out properly sterilizing: POINTS THERMAX ENCAPSULATED

·      AVOID frauds of application of  warranty in engine repairs  for a reliable, economical and easy way to use: TEMPERATURE RECORDER

·      CERTIFICATION of correct  washing temperature  inside industrial dishwashers under current regulations and HACCP protocols: TDI

·      DETECTION excessively hot surface of a cheap and easy way to avoid contact burns: TEMPSAFE

·      CHECKING TEMPERATURE IN OTHER INDUSTRIAL PROCESSES: sometimes, another not so common but equally reliable heat sensitive methods are used: PENCILS and INKS IRREVERSIBLE

·      DESIGN of a most original desktop calendar using a thermometer: TLC11

·      INNOVATE and IMPROVE their product incorporating some element that changes color with the temperature variation: INKS REVERSIBLE.


As you can see in real applications outlined below, these heat-sensitive products, in different presentations: labels, pencils, inks, flexible thermometers, paint; allows you to make temperature control of the product directly without electronic components and at low cost.