Unassisted control of temperature during the thermal disinfection of sausages packaged.

Purpose: To ensure that the correct temperature to the total thermal disinfection of the product has been achieved. Every product and thermal process used require an specific temperature. It depends on the HACCP protocol to apply.

Thermosensitive product used: THERMAX ENCAPSULATED 71, 77, 82 AND 110ºC.

Work done: The packaging process of food items requires a thermal disinfection process. Depending on the product (fruits and vegetables, sausages, fish, meats,...) requires certain and diferent quantities of time and temperature. It depends on every HACCP protocol.

In this case, the indicator was initially used to control the sterilization temperature of canned sausages .

By sterilization all microorganisms that can spoil the can are eliminated. As well as those that can be harmful to health as pathogenic bacteria that produce deadly toxins. Most commercial packaging operations are based on the destruction of bacteria which is increased for each 10 ° C in temperature. Food items exposed to elevated temperatures for a few minutes or seconds retain more of its natural flavor. Currently, food items are instantaneously almost sterilized. This is done in a chamber pressurized to prevent boiling when they are introduced into the containers. Any further sterilization is not necessary.

For this reason, for our client it was very important check if the correct temperature had been reached during the sterilization of cans. Because of this , the label encapsulated thermax were chosen as the ideal device.


  •  The label can be entered along with the batch in the autoclave, so that the actual  temperature reading  is obtained.
  • The critical temperature is clearly defined: the label of one single point of thermal control may be used, the most economical.
  • Able to work on the conditions of pressure and steam autoclave.
  • The permanent color change allows to the label unstuck to finish off the process and attach it to the HACCP report, if it's necessary.

This indicator began to be used for temperature control in canned. The evolution of packaging systems has extended its use thermal controls required in each case. So, the sensor encapsulated THERMAX is being supplied for this application after 20 years or so after starting use.