Innovation of an existing product using color change technology. Original design of a product providing a new utility.

Purpose: to make a plug for multi-use bottles - already in the market - more attractive by adding a new edge over its competitors. With a minimal increase in cost, the cap would provide an added benefit to the end customer: know the temperature of the bottle with a glance.

Thermosensitive product used: inks thermosensitive to water for screen printing.

Work done: after a previous validation tests, we finally opted for 2 thermosensitive inks of obviously different colors: blue and magenta, which were calibrated at 2 different temperatures: + 10 ° C and + 24 ° C, respectively. The customer designed templates of white paper with punched to the proper measure to the chosen area: circles 24 mm in diameter.

The screenprinted circle with both inks, is placed on top of the stopper and to protect it from moisture and / or dirt, is sealed with a sheet of transparent polyester.

The combination of both inks - associated with characteristic hysteresis - generates a gradation of colors from white to blue / dark violet to visualize different colors and shades from +4 to + 20 ° C, the temperatures of encompassing consumption of a variety of drinks, from soft drinks or milk to red wines, and to white, rosé and sparkling.

This personalized sensor that its shaped is like a paper label, definitely adds to the multi-use plug - and original in itself - one Genuine Advantage, different from the rest of the competition .

This item is sold today in many stores including department stores known prestige and remains a leader in its sector product.