Use of a heat-sensitive selfadhesive sensor on engine components to prevent fraud during warranty periods.

Purpose: a leading supplier of automotive parts contacted us looking for a cheap and reliable indicator of temperature to solve a very common problem in repair: the attempt to customers without cost to repair your car alluding to the warranty period ensuring no there has been misuse of the car. How to check if the customer is right or wrong?

Thermosensitive product used: TEMPERATURE RECORDER. If you want to access to the online website sales, click onto the left upper "shopping basket button ".

Work done:

A selfadhesive sensor with the right size to be easily visible by the mechanical workshop was designed and it allowed their use in various engine components that could reveal possible misuse of the vehicle. The temperatures from the professionals consulted that were included determined as critical and an encapsulating material was used, that of course, was resistant to humidity, steam and grease usually present in combustion engines used. When the label suffers an abnormal temperature, it is recorded by a clear change in color: white to black and the mechanical features a visual testimony to verify that the repair not be able to perform under warranty since there has been a misuse of the vehicle.

This label has been incorporated by several repair shops from their design and due to its easy operation and high precision, increasing its use for this purpose is more widespread.