Low temperature sensors are adhesive indicators that adhere to the product catching the proper performance of cold chain. Its operation is similar to a thermograph but without electronic components and also with a simple and economical use.

Low temperature sensors

These thermo sensitive indicators made irreversible color change upon reaching a certain temperature, and then stay unchanged. In this way it's easy to check on arrival or subsequently, if the product has suffered an excess or defect of temperature, thus breaking the cold chain.

There are two types of indicators for low temperature control, as required to control the descent or the rise of temperature on the product.

Temperature sensors CHILLCHECKER

Chillchecker: Detects the increase above the set temperature. It is useful for monitoring frozen, fresh and vaccines during transport or storage.

Temperature sensors TEMPASURETempasure: Detects the temperature descents, to prevent freezing of the product. It is commonly used in paints or chemical and pharmaceutical substances.

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The range covered by these sensors is between -17 ºC and +20 ºC degrees Celsius to CHILLCHECKER with an accuracy of + / - 1 º C. On the case of TEMPASURE covers a range of -10 ° C to +10 ° C with an accuracy of + / -2 ° C. You have the technical sheets of these products the documentation section.

CHILLCHECKER operation is as simple as stick it to the product that we want to control and activate through pressure. TEMPASURE is also self-adhesive and is activated simply by pulling a plastic tab for this purpose.

The two product ranges help ensure proper compliance with the cold chain both in transport as in goods and storage.