Temperature control during the lamination of a photovoltaic module. Sealing certification.

Purpose: verify the temperature reached during the lamination in the manufacturing process of photovoltaic modules.

Sensor used: indicator THERMAX level 1 132ºC. If you want to access to the online website sales, click onto the left upper "shopping basket button ".

Work done: the client contacted us seeking an urgent solution to authenticate the temperature obtained at a certain stage of the manufacturing process of photovoltaic modules. Specifically, it was necessary to check that during the lamination the 132°C were achieved. At this stage, the basic components of the module are sealed together: glass wafers of purified silicon and sheets of polyester - EVA

This is the ideal temperature to ensure both the complete melting of polyester with this glass and the tightness of the resulting assembly. The basic features that the manufacturer required to the sensor were: self adhesive label or strip for an unassisted and direct control onto the area of interest, reduced dimensions, as cheap as possible and, of course, highly accurate. After considering several options, the user chose the Ref.THERMAX indicator 1 Level 132°C and the customer first purchased a small quantity for approval. Once this essential part was realised, a usual consumption was carried out. For a most effective handling and a fast placement, the indicator was supplied in rolls of 3,000 units with indicators placed in rows of 3 units. The accuracy of this indicator is +/- 1.5ºC completelly reliable for this application.

This indicator has been used for this application first time in Spain and later in Poland.