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Temperature indicator for the refrigeration chain (box 100 units)

Chillchecker is an adhesive temperature sensor to control the refrigeration chain. When the temperature of the indicator is overcome, a permanent colour change occurs.

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This temperature sensor can be stuck to the product or to the pallet during the storage or the transportation to detect if the temperature conditions necessary for their correct conservation have been kept correctly. Being an irreversible device, any colour change allows to check a posteriori whether the product has been exposed to inadequate temperatures and therefore whether the refrigeration chain requirements have been complied or not.

The use of Chillchecker is simple. You just have to cool it under the temperature of change, stick it to the product under control and press it for its activation. If the temperature of change exceeds the marked limit, the device turns from white to blue/violet permanently.

Chillchecker is available in different ranges, depending on its control temperature:

  • Type 1: -17ºC / (+1ºF)
  • Type 2: -8ºC / (+18ºF)
  • Type 3: -5ºC / (+23ºF)
  • Type 4: -2ºC / (+28ºF)
  • Type 5: +5ºC / (+41ºF)
  • Type 6: +9ºC / (+48ºF)
  • Type 7: +17ºC / (+63ºF)
  • Type 8: +20ºC / (+68ºF)

Supply: Boxes of 100 units.

Size: 32 mm of diameter and 6 mm thick

Type: Circular

Chillchecker is an irreversible product. Once enabled, in case of exceeding the temperature of control, its colour change becomes permanent. It changes from white to blue/violet colour

This device contains no batteries and no electronic components and therefore its materials are not dangerous.

Chillchecker is a device manufactured in PVC and can be activated by manual pressure.  This pressure breaks an inner membrane to let the thermosensitive material contained inside the device interact with the temperature.

For a proper functioning, it is necessary to store the product under the temperature of change for at least 60 minutes.  

To get a colour change, an increase of the temperature of the product where it is stuck increases will be necessary. This colour change is permanent. This allows the device to alert on a previous temperature variation despite the product reaches its correct temperature again.

Accuracy: +/- 1ºC

This product has been manufactured in compliance with ISO 9001.

Chillchecker components are not harmful for the environment and public health in accordance with RoHS EC Directive 3 (EU2015/863), WEE and Reach .

The chemicals contained in this device are not included in the lists of dangerous products of California Proposition 65 and SVHC.

Uses of  Chillchecker temperature sensor for frozen products and low temperatures

Chillchecker is mostly used for the transportation and storage of  frozen products or of products needing a temperature of less than 20°C. To monitor the temperatures over 20°C, other temperature labels like the irreversible of level 1 can be used.

In the pharmaceutical and hospitality sectors Chillcheker is frequently used to control the refrigeration chain of vaccines and medicines stored in refrigerators and during the transportation when there is a high risk of temperature change.  

A temperature sensor like Chillchecker is an easy and cheap solution to double check whether the necessary temperature conditions have been kept at anytime. This is the reason why this product is in perfect condition for administration to the patient.

 Being irreversible, it works as a temperature recorder because despite the product cools down at the desired levels, the permanent colour change will be an alert for non-compliance of the refrigeration chain.

The use of this temperature indicator is also very common in the food industry to monitor the refrigeration chain of frozen and fresh products. In particular, an exhaustive control of proper conditions is required during the transportation and the storage of chilled products such as seafood and fish.

Actually, for these kinds of products, it is very common that a customer asks his supplier or carrier for a proof of compliance of the refrigeration chain. A device like Chillchecher perfectly fulfills this function at low cost and smoothly.

Obviously, in the food industry the whole process involving frozen products is another area of application where low temperature sensors are a great help. They can be also used with food which cannot freeze again after being defrosted not to lose their properties.   This is the reason why it is necessary monitor the whole process to ensure the compliance of the refrigeration chain.