In the category of thermochromic products there are other complementary solutions such as the thermo-sensitive inks, pencils for temperature control and thermochromic paints with color change per temperature

These three types of product are based on different technologies and in each case they have an application in distinct sectors:

Thermosensitive inks

Thermosensitive inks.

This type of inks reacts to heat through a color change or showing transparency. There are different types, depending on the printing method is to be used and for different materials. The most common type is reversible, with a clear application in advertising or promotional products. However there are also irreversible ink for marking processes and temperature control. These products require some knowledge to its use, so we recommend to contact us to see the rightest solution. In the documentation section you can find more information.


Thermochromic crayons.

The thermo chromic pencils are irreversible type. They applied above the surface to control and they make a color change to achieve the indicated temperature, then remaining unchanged the stroke or drawing. They are made in three temperatures: 120 ° C, 245 ° C and 600 ° C degrees. One of its main applications is in industrial welding, because allow, draw a line above the weld area and through changing color, check that it has reached the sufficient temperature to successfully perform the weld.

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Thermochromic paints

Thermochromic paints

Are paints that, at the temperature effect, performed an irreversible color change. Allow control surfaces and analyze overheating in different areas. They are perfect for performing thermal maps. Cover a range from 135 º C to 1,270 º C degrees Celsius. Among many other applications, they used in aviation and motor competitions to monitor the temperature in the disc brakes and other components. It is also used to control overheating on deposits or pressure gas pipes and so prevent a leakage. On documentation section we can find technical specifications for this product.

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